10 Ways to use Mobile Devices in the Classroom


  1. Use as a research tool (for web-enabled devices)
  2. Snap a photo: Of notes on the board in class, of assignments, etc
  3. Use e-books and other digital materials as alternatives to lugging around tons of heavy books
  4. SMS Chat Room: Teachers can use free group messaging apps (there are a ton of them out there) to create group chat rooms for classes
  5. Share photos of field trips or projects either via aforementioned SMS chat rooms or via a blog or app
  6. Darn! Google has shut down the SMS messaging service mentioned in number 6 of this graphic
  7. Use smartphones as mobile diaries: Set reminders, make notes, and organize schedules using a variety of free apps and tools that often come loaded on the device
  8. Track student behavior
  9. Call a friend: Connect with guest speakers or other classrooms via skype
  10. Scan QR codes for a scavenger hunt, or use them as a reference point for assignments and projects